Jody Maley Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator

Do you struggle with:
*  Shiny object syndrome
* Feel like your not being seen or heard on social media
* Feel like your brain is generating great ideas, but your struggling to implement them
* Lack of organization and staying on task
If any of that sounds familiar to you then...

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As an entrepreneur and small business owner for over 24 years I love giving back to my community by working in my local legal aid office, running my home business coaching program and doing various dog sports with my german shepherd.  

Living in the middle of British Columbia Canada I have proven many times over that you can own a small business from any location (whether you are doing home parties, online services, or are a solo preneur), having family time and balance all the other stuff you love to do while earning monthly, consistent income.

My strategies help align you to have it all.  As a past radio show host, online Summit Show expert and a creator of bringing fun and strategy to your business, I look forward to getting to know you and your beautiful Heart-Centered Business!  JODY x0x0